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In the desktop version of our website, you will find a link to the rental conditions next to the photo of each vehicle, with the designation "Important Information". In the mobile version, the rental conditions are found after selecting the vehicle, below the summary of conditions and above the selection of Extras, with the designation "Important Information". Click on the text "Important Information" and a new tab will open with all this information in detail. The rental conditions will also be sent with the Voucher after confirmation of the rental by the supplier. In addition, you can download the Voucher along with the rental conditions on the Client Area page.
It depends on the product selected on our website. Atlantisrent currently has two types of payment: 1) Advance payment of the total amount: the payment of the total amount of the car rental is done online. When lifting the vehicle, you only have to leave the deposit and pay for Extras and / or optional Services (GPS, child seats, additional driver, etc.). 2) Partial prepayment: At the time of booking, you will have to pay part of the total cost plus Premium Coverage - Axa - (if you decided to buy it). At the car rental office you will have to pay the remaining amount and leave the deposit. You will find a list of the various items that make up the price on your Voucher, so you will always know the exact amount to be paid at the time of withdrawal.
You can add optional services on the booking page after selecting the vehicle. It is important to remember that extras are subject to availability at the time of pickup. In most cases they are available, but sometimes they may not be available. If they are available, you can also decide to add additional services when you pick up the vehicle. The additional services most requested by our customers are GPS and the different types of car seats (for babies, children and booster seats). If you see that there is no extra equipment available, please contact our Customer Service department.
If your flight is delayed, it is your responsibility to contact the rental company and inform them of the delay. You can find the company's contact details on the Voucher. If you are unable to contact the car supplier, you can contact our Customer Service team and we will do our best to inform you. Please note that if you do not arrive on time or do not inform the company of the delay, your reservation will be automatically canceled and will be considered as a no-show. Consult the Rental Conditions to find out the grace period for your rental (the "grace period" means the additional time you are allowed in case of delay). If your flight is canceled, the first thing to do is to contact our Customer Service team. We ask that you inform us of the flight cancellation before the agreed pick-up time, so that we can try to explain your situation to the supplier and ask you to keep the vehicle at your disposal so that you can collect it the next day. However, note that in this case, you will still have to pay for the first day, as the vehicle has been reserved for you. We can also try to find another vehicle for you. In this case, the new price is usually slightly higher than the original price due to the short term. However, we will send you a new confirmation voucher without charging another prepayment. If your flight is delayed or canceled, we advise you to contact the airline for information on the refund procedure in the country in which you are traveling. Please note that flight delays and cancellations are beyond our control, so Atlantisrent is not responsible for any problems or additional costs incurred due to the airlines.

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